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Six ways a canopy will enhance your home

by Just Awnings on August 23, 2017 No comments

People tend to think that canopies have only one use and that is to act as a sunshade. However the truth is that canopies and awnings have a lot more benefits that make them an excellent addition to almost every home. Read on and I think you will agree that if you choose the right canopy for your home you will enjoy a surprisingly long list of benefits for years to come.

Firstly an awning or canopy does indeed act as a sunscreen. Sound scientific research has revealed the hazards of exposure to ultra violet radiation for all to see. We know we need to stay out of the midday sun and an awning allows us to do this without having to retreat indoors. We can continue to enjoy the garden whilst keeping the whole family safe.

This fact alone would be a good reason for installing an awning, but there are plenty more reasons for doing so.

Extending the useable living area of your home is a great reason to add an awning. A canopy can effectively create an outdoor room which can be used for a good portion of the year. It only costs a tiny fraction of the outlay associated with a permanent extension to put an awning up, but you get to expand your home by a sizeable percentage. If you are a sociable family that enjoys having lots of guests round, the opportunities that an awning provides for summer parties are a wonderful benefit.

Dining alfresco beneath an awning is a great family bonding experience which allows for a more relaxed atmosphere than when everyone is squeezed indoors at the dining table. A bonus for the kids is the more relaxed attitude to those inevitable accidental spillages!

Another benefit of a canopy when attached to the house is that it can be used to save energy. If your home gets too hot in summer (common of you have lots of glass on a south facing wall) an awning can be very effective at reducing the total heat gain. Typically homeowners can reduce by more than 50% the amount of heat energy getting pumped into the house from walls with south and west facing aspects.

Of course it isn’t always sunny in the UK so some people opt for canopies that offer rain protection too. All canopies are a good shelter for a light shower but if you install a permanent or semi-permanent all-weather canopy you really can stay outside whatever the weather. This can then become a multi-purpose ‘room’ that can function as a spacious workshop as well as a place for relaxing or entertaining.

Lastly but perhaps most importantly an awning can be a thing of beauty. Clever design, positioning sizing and materials that work in harmony with your home can elevate what might have been a dull wall into something profoundly beautiful.

So, as you can see, when it is done properly, an awning or canopy is probably the best value addition to your home you can install.

Just AwningsSix ways a canopy will enhance your home