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How To Customise Your Awning To Extend Its Functionality

by Just Awnings on May 26, 2017 No comments

You may think your awnings can be only used as a shelter. What you may not know is that there are wide range of additional extras that can turn your patio into a stylish and highly usable outdoor space.

By adding a few extras to your awning you can make the most of your outside space whatever the Great British weather brings (well, within reason!).

Integrated Heating and Lighting

Installing an awning is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine during the day, whilst staying protected from the heat and UV rays. But when it comes to the evening and temperatures fall, or the sun decides to hide behind a cloud then it might not seem so tempting to sit outside.

Adding integrated heating to your awning provides some welcome warmth so you can sit outside with friends for longer, or escape outside to relax after a hard day in the office.

Likewise, integrated lighting extends the period of time that you can sit outside for. Balmy summer days can carry on well into the evening so that you can make the most of the great British summer.

Friends Enjoying Summer BBQ

Wide Range of Fabrics

Awnings are the perfect way to inject some colour to your garden. There are so many different colours, patterns and designs available that you’re guaranteed to find something to perfectly complement your home and garden scheme.

For example, why not choose a striped design like a European café? Or possible a strong, positive colour that reflects the character of your garden? The choice really is endless. Your tailor-made awning will match, contrast, or reflect your home’s style exactly as you want it too.

Motorised Controls

Open and close your awning at the press of button without even having to leave your sun lounger. Convenient and easy to use, you simply use a remote to decide as and when you want your awning open or shut. With the wide range of the remote, you can also use it from inside your home to partially extend your awning to provide shade when sun is causing glare on your TV screen, or getting in your eyes when trying to use the computer.

Motorised awnings are also very helpful for people who are less able to open one manually. The electric motor does all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy the shade without hurting yourself.

Hand with awning remote control

Intelligent Weather Sensor

You no longer need to worry about rushing in and out of your home to open or close your awning as the weather changes. Instead you can install a highly practical wind, sun and rain sensor that decides when to operate your awning depending on the weather. Fantastic for protecting outside furniture from rain, keeping south facing rooms cool and stopping your awning from getting damaged from high winds.

Awnings are the perfect complement to any garden. By adding a little bit of shade, you can create the perfect outdoor space for your family and friends. They come with a wide range of customisable features to ensure your outdoor space is exactly as you want it.

For more information about installing and customisation of your new awning, please feel free to contact Just Awnings on 01932 300450.

Just AwningsHow To Customise Your Awning To Extend Its Functionality