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Don’t get caught out in the sun

by Just Awnings on May 10, 2017 No comments

We all get told that exposure to too much sunlight is dangerous, but after a long dark winter we Brits seem to go a bit sun crazy during the summer and will lie out in the garden any chance we get. However, according to the skin cancer foundation, almost 9/10 skin cancers are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun.

So should we stay indoors?  No, of course not. After all, it isn’t the UV radiation that we are enjoying in the garden. Mostly it is the fresh warm breezes, the natural garden scents, the beautiful plants and flowers and above all, that feeling of space that you don’t get when cramped up in the house.  Thankfully all these things that we so cherish can still be enjoyed while shading ourselves from direct sunlight.

A simple shading solution such as a garden umbrella may be all you need to stay out of the midday sun’s full glare. Although as the sun moves across the sky you may find the chore of shifting the heavy base across the patio an unwanted distraction from the pleasures of lying back doing nothing at all. Of course, a proper awning is a great addition to a garden and will do a wonderful job of providing suitable shade for the whole family to enjoy.

Youngsters in particular have very sensitive skins and really do need to be kept covered up to prevent very nasty burns. Teenagers seem to want to get a tan, but alongside keeping them covered, or at least beneath an awning, you might want to educate them about how the sun damages their skin.  Don’t forget the older generations either. Men in particular find their hair thinning or receding and suddenly the sensitive skin on their heads is being blasted by sunlight for the first time.

But what about when you are out and about? You cant really carry a huge shade to the shops with you. At those times it is essential to remember a sun hat and barrier creams. Whatever your age, take a tip from us. Enjoy the sunshine while it is here, but please make sure you enjoy the sun safely.

Just AwningsDon’t get caught out in the sun